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Rodney Moore

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This eBook is for you if you are running a successful business, but lately it feels like your business is running you. You've been working around the clock to scale your business and increase your revenue, but something's just not clicking. You want to go to bed each night feeling proud of what you have accomplished instead of dreading what you won't get done tomorrow or waking up at 3am remembering you forget to do something really important the day before.

This is an opportunity for you to start taking control of you business again, and to enjoy life fully outside of your long working hours so that you can focus on your family, health and other life goals.

Meet Selina

Selina and her team support established businesses with a turnover of 6-7 figures with adminstrative, technical and creative support remotely.  

With over 14 years of experience of working with six figure plus business owners, she uses numerous strategies to help her clients free their time.  

Selina has just been shortlisted for VA of the Year 2018, Midlands.

Selina Johnson • Founder & CEO • Selina & Co. Limited

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